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Monika Baumann, born in Vienna, Austria. She currently works with Brainspotting over all ages in Austria and Paraguay. In Vienna she has her own office  and in Paraguay she is mainly supporting social projects.

Graduated from the University of Vienna in Psychology in 1998 and then specialized in neuropsychology and clinical psychology. In 2003 finished a 4 year Training for systemic family therapy.

During her career she has done several specializations in hypnotherapy, diagnostic and training of learning disabilities, and trauma treatment techniques with special focus on Brainspotting. The work with trauma affected persons was and is her main field.

Currently  she is a Brainspotting trainer for Austria and Paraguay. “She also dedicates her teaching (together with Dr. Jacobi)  to Brainspotting with kids and adolescents. See more:

Her most important professional experiences beside her Brainspotting Treatments in the private praxis in Vienna are: Child Psychiatry, at Children’s day hospital (CHOP) in Philadelphia (USA), Brain tumor unit for children at the Vienna general hospital and Psychiatric Practice. Due to her family connection to Paraguay, in 2012 she did voluntary work at a school for 4-18 year olds in the country side of Paraguay. There she was providing support where it was needed – from pedagogic advice to parent counselling and treating children with difficulties and traumas. This experience was followed and is continued by voluntary work in a children´s home as in several situations of crisis in Paraguay as often as possible.


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