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I can help you get to the ‘heart’ of the challenges and issues you’re dealing with and make the lasting changes you’re longing for.
Having been in practice over 40 years, I’m a seasoned therapist and have the tools and experience to resolve whatever is ‘up’ for you. I’ve found that ‘talk therapy’ is often not enough to resolve many difficulties, so I use a variety of effective approaches, uniquely adjusted to match each client’s needs. In addition to talk therapy, I utilize Brainspotting; EMDR; Body Centered therapy; Meditative approaches and Hypnotherapy.
I work heartfully, intuitively, and share compassion, a warm down-to-earth style, and humor. My years of experience healing my own issues, as well as assisting others, have opened my heart and deepened my insight, enabling me to fully sense my client’s experience and see clearly the most effective way to help.
I am also a trained spiritual teacher and bring a deep calm and transmission of presence into our sessions.
Clients experience a feeling of positive movement, relief and lightness after most sessions. Please call for a free 15 minute consult and we can talk about how I could be of help to you :-).

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