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Cristiane Ramos is a police officer, Brainspotting trainer and supervisor, licenced in psychology and neuropsychology specialist, skilled on Jungian psychology, Psychodynamics of work and stress management.

She was trained in Brainspotting by David Grand in Brazil and was his facilitator for several years in the training courses in phases 1, 2 and 3.

Cristiane was vice president of Brainspotting Brazilian Association from 2013 to 2017 and coordinated the 1st Brainspotting International Conference in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, during March 2016.

As a therapist, holds face-to-face and online therapy sessions with groups and individuals. She is a speaker in workshops, courses and projects in the area of trauma, stress, quality of life and self performance improvement. As a result of her experience investigating crimes of domestic violence and against children and teenagers in the Brazilian police department. She has developed a Brainspotting working method specially for groups called “Focus and Attunement” in her therapeutic attendance to police officers. Co-author of the book: “Pessoas & Psicologias” (People an Psychology) with the chapter titled “Traumas change the brain: self-regulation with Brainspotting support”

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