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Wendy is an occupational therapist by training, and a trauma-informed spiritual healer and coach. Core to her work is that to perform one’s life occupations including self-care, leisure, work, and more, healing trauma and gaining the tools needed to manage and reduce the results of trauma is essential. Listen to her podcast, “The Grow Podcast” each week on your favorite podcasting format. You can also watch it on the YouTube channel: @growwithwendyjo. Each week Wendy and her cohost Ashley discuss spiritual topics and news you can use tools for healing and spiritual development.

Wendy, through her own personal healing work, began to realize the power of spirituality in healthcare, and the importance of healing the inner child to find one’s true path and a more peaceful and happy life. She is honored by each client she receives to be a part of their journey and guide them to their own healing.

Visits are performed at this time by televisit.

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