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My passion is to empower burned-out, stressed-out, high achievers to overcome critical, self-limiting beliefs and live from a place of joy, flow, and expansion.

These clients have experienced insensitive, harsh, or demanding parenting, constant pressure to succeed, and lack of validation for their emotions. Despite pursuing excellence, they suffer from harsh self-criticism and toxic independence that prevent them from experiencing the love, acceptance, and joy they deserve.

I help by guiding clients through the process of replacing their self-limiting beliefs with a more compassionate, expansive belief system which opens up a new way of living that is more joyful, meaningful, and connected than was previously possible.

I specialize in:

  • postpartum depression & anxiety
  • postpartum OCD
  • birth trauma
  • race-related stress & trauma
  • relationship concerns
  • life & executive functioning skills

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