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Are you struggling with the effects of trauma, grief, loss, or stigma? What would your life be like a year from now if you were still struggling without improvement or attempting to heal? How might your life be better? Wouldn’t it be better to start the healing process now?  Its time to heal.

I’m here to help you to heal past trauma and grow into the person you would like to become, allowing you to thrive in your life and relationships. I utilize Brainspotting therapy to help release the trauma and calm the body’s nervous system.  I can also help support your relationships, support you during times of grief and loss, and help LGBT+ community members maintain an authentic sense of self in light of the stigma they face. I became a counselor so that I could help others experience their own transformation through counseling. In my counseling practice, I provide a safe space, or a healing ground, where empathy, trust, respect, and acceptance are cornerstones.  For more information go to

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