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Virtual Services offered for the State of Georgia.

You’re stuck. Feeling anxious, tense, and struggling to heal from your past is your day-to-day norm right now. Moving forward has you feeling frozen and uncertain. The cycle may seem never-ending, much like that to-do list for the big life goal you’ve been putting off. Your body is showing signs of being overwhelmed. The coping mechanisms you’ve relied on in the past may no longer be effective, and you’re ready to dive deeper into your healing journey. You’ve been in therapy and have found it helpful, but feel like something’s missing…you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
Hi! I’m Stephanie and I believe in honoring your autonomy and growth by balancing care with compassion. In addition to traditional therapeutic methods, I am a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner and use this powerful technique as a means to help you access and process deep-seated emotions and traumas that are impacting your mind and body.
Whether you’re looking to face your past and move forward, are learning to love yourself for who you are, or just want to not feel stuck anymore- I can help. Therapy is hard, but staying frozen is harder. If you’re open to starting the thawing process, reach out to schedule a free consultation today!

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