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Clients describe me as an action-oriented therapist, prioritizing mind-body connections. I foster a safe, collaborative space with transparency and compassion, facilitating healing.

My approach revolves around enhancing rest and sleep while managing anxiety, depression, and attachment trauma. Embrace your sensitivity, set boundaries, and embark on a journey to emotional well-being and creative flow.

Together, we’ll share your challenges and navigate them as a team. We’ll uncover hidden barriers and devise personalized steps for your success. Through our sessions, we’ll practice new ways to express yourself and achieve your goals.

Specializing in finding peace and unlocking creativity, I assist sensitive individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and more. Let’s explore your feelings, find calm, and embrace your sensitivity as a source of strength.

My journey to becoming a therapist stemmed from my own experiences. Therapy as a client led me towards self-acceptance, compassion, and positive change. This humbling experience informs my practice today.

Offering therapy online provides a space that’s safe and comforting for you. Your well-being is paramount, and I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way.

For more information, visit my website or schedule a free 20-minute call to get to know me better. I aim to respond to messages within 24-48 hours, with bookings available for new clients within two weeks. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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