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“I’m here to offer my clients a welcoming and secure space where they can feel free to talk. It’s very important to me that we build a strong trusting alliance, so you feel safe to open up, as well as willing and able to consider making real changes.

 Earning the right to practice as a counselling psychologist and psychotherapist requires a great deal of self-analysis, along with solid ongoing professional training. I do both on a continuous basis.

My main teacher has been my attachment traumatic wound  – getting to know it, taking care of it, with patience, awareness and compassion, have deeply helped me understand a lot about complex relational trauma and what trauma does to the body, heart and mind. 

How did I get here?

Before training to become a psychologist and psychotherapist, I worked in banking services and life insurance. I was a trainer and managed various projects.

I was also the CEO of a charity for children diagnosed with critical illnesses. The therapeutic relationships I built with children and their parents helped me develop a great sense of patience, perseverance and belief in the human capacity to heal. “

Where do I practice?

I offer online and in person sessions.

I see clients face to face in my office based in Marylebone, Central London, UK.



Email address:

Phone: +44 780 33 75794

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