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Located in Oklahoma City and online, LifeGuide Holistic Healing offers an opportunity for you to access your deepest abilities, clear long-held limiting beliefs, and create the life you want.

Whether you are looking at a career change, becoming a parent or other transition, or want to achieve a goal such as completing a manuscript, starting a business or exercising regularly but just can’t seem to get going – LGHH can help you clear the roadblocks that are impeding your success using various methods.

EnergyMedicine: Utilizes the Energy Matrix Clearing System© in combination with gem and mineral essences to remediate stuck/clogged/blocked energy within the body resulting in more focus, resolution of past negative experiences, and increased harmony and personal peace.

BrainSpotting: A somatic (body-based) modality for achieving goals, facilitating transitions, enhancing performance, and expanding creativity. People have used Brainspotting for anything from achieving a better golf score or eliminating a fear of public speaking to being a calmer and more focused parent to releasing past hurts and disappointments.

LifeGuidance: While a coach can teach you plays and send you out in the field – in the end, they observe you from the sidelines. Guides, on the other hand, accompany you on your journey. Rooted in Christian-Judeo, Buddhist and Somatic/Nature-based values and practices, LifeGuide Holistic Healing LifeGuidance can help you focus on the path ahead — with abounding support and connection.

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