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Are you ready to get to know yourself better? As an LMSW and yoga instructor, I am passionate about creating a space for healing and exploring one’s self in order to move forward and live a freer life. During our time together, we will sift through feelings and actions that support you and those that do not in order to create new thought patterns and control over your life. We will create awareness around decision-making and relationships while we sit in emotions that may be influencing those dynamics. Once we’ve uncovered areas of stuck-ness, I love using brainspotting to move through these deep long held patterns and help you find freedom. 
My previous work in a neuroscience lab as well as teaching restorative yoga to women with severe trauma lends me a unique insight into the mind-body connection. I will share breathing and somatic techniques in order to calm the nervous system, to access deeper layers of healing and to create new neural pathways.
I work with adults in their 20s and 30s and I specialize in OCD, panic attacks, sexual abuse history and relationship dynamics. I offer a complementary consultation and take insurance out of network. 

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