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I am passionate about supporting individuals and families who are ready to look at the deeper root of their challenges. I love supporting those that have gone through a major life transition, such as welcoming a new child, or are coming up on a transition. Maybe you have been feeling not good enough and want a chance to look more at why that is while also having someone tell you how proud they are of you and the work that you have done thus far. Maybe you’ve welcomed a new child and it is everything you dreamed it to be, except for when it isn’t. I am someone who will find the joy with you, be very real and genuine with you, and someone who strives to make the therapy space a comfortable space where you can be your true authentic self with your true authentic feelings.

I am passionate about research and utilizing evidence-based practices in session such as EMDR and Brainspotting, and taking a psychodynamic approach to therapy. This means that you can expect a lot of support working on things form the past that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself, while utilizing modalities that are proven to work and are typically gentler on clients.

My approach to therapy is very flexible and starts wherever you are. Do you want to dive right into the past and really working on how that is affecting you? Great, let’s do it. Do you want to slowly ease in and start with small steps, or aren’t even sure what step comes first? Awesome, I can support with that. Do you want a small chunk of our session every week to just vent and feel heard? This is important and I will validate that.

I am someone who loves utilizing humor in therapy when appropriate as well as sarcasm. I love meeting my clients where they are at while pushing them to where they want to be. I also love incorporating animals into treatment as I have seen how well they can support individual’s mental health.

I am particularly passionate about trauma and perinatal mental health. As a mother of two and experiencing birth in a pandemic, I can relate to a lot of challenges that individuals have gone through, and have seen just how little support exists, currently. I want you to feel supported, heard, and valid.

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