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Hi, welcome to my Brainspotting (BPS) listing! I am Katarina Matolek, MA, LMFT a psychotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles, CA. I have worked as a psychotherapist in community mental health clinics and non-profit organizations since 2010. I bring a variety of background skills and interests in my clinical work. My therapeutic practice is informed by teachings of self-compassion, somatic work, and mindfulness. I bring my personal learnings to the therapy session; the road I travelled in my psychotherapy journey has enriched me in becoming a therapist who trusts the process of therapy and creates an atmosphere of “feeling felt” by me for a client. Research shows that the most significant factor in a successful outcome is the relationship with your therapist—what might be described as experience of “feeling felt.”


I was trained by Dr. Laurel Parnell in EMDR in 2010, who taught me a new way of being. In 2016, I was introduced to Brainspotting (BPS) and was blown away by how Dr. Grand’s discovery of the ever-evolving BPS technique resolves trauma. My world expanded even more as I immersed myself into the world of the BPS, which enabled me to shift my psychotherapy work even deeper into the trauma brain—the subcortical brain where trauma is stored. Some clients whose nervous systems are stuck on high (hypervigilance, panicky, angry, nervy;) or low (depressed, numb, lethargic), or sometimes fluctuates between high and low because of trauma are now able to get their nervous system back into a window of tolerance (tolerating stress without being activated) and get on with their lives because of BPS. This is the amazing power of BPS!

My areas of specialty are anywhere from self-discovery in making life more meaningful to trauma work.

May your healing journey start now. I look forward to hearing from you.


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