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Have you been to multiple therapists, several support groups and read every possible self-help book out there? Are you exhausted with this said, “healing process” everybody is talking about? I bet you’re tired of living the past over and over again because nothing seems to be helping. 

Maybe you feel disconnected or, as if, there is a block between you and reality.  You can’t seem to let things go, ruminating thoughts seem endless, bad memories never fade away, and the future seems hopeless. But, you’ve finally had enough and want to regain control over your life. You are ready to find that mind-body connection that has been missing in your life. You are determined to get unblocked. 

Let me help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. To learn more, visit To set up a free 30-minute in-person or phone consultation, please call/text 843-597-6497 or email

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