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Life is tough. There is no way around it. Everyone has issues that they can’t deal with alone and every situation is unique to you. Your relationship could be insecure with your spouse, parent, child. You could be suffering from an explosive event in your life and be struggling with PTSD. You lost a loved one three years ago and still cannot seem to get past their absence. You are feeling a lack of control and your boundaries are consistently crossed. I know life is tough, but it can be better.
I can help you work through your struggles with a positive, logical tone that will help you separate the destruction from the construction. I will ask the tough questions that will help you work (yes, I said work) towards obtaining and maintaining a better quality of life for you. I have been using Brainspotting since Fall 2022 and have seen so much healing through it.
I have passionately assisted my clients through their feelings of hopelessness/helplessness, self-defeating thoughts/behaviors, anxiety, and grief/loss. Your life is tough, but it can be better. Being depressed or having trauma in your life is not something you have to work through alone.
Need more support than traditional once-a-week counseling? Jorge is the clinical director of Mending Clinic’s mental health primary 4-6 week outpatient program for adults. Find out more information at
Jorge is also Spanish speaking, Biofeedback certified, Crisis Incident Stress Management trained, and often provides continuing education for LPC/LCSW/LMFT in Texas.

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