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I am a Canadian therapist in Colorado, graduated from Naropa’s Contemplative/Buddhist Psychology Masrters program. I have worked in several clinics, utilizing advanced Brainspotting often combined with Somatic Experiencing and various other approaches, including parts work, Gestalt, etc.

My Brainspotting training includes all phases, and almost a dozen specialty trainings including working with addictions, performance and complex physical conditions.

I use Brainspotting and somatic approaches whether working with a wide range of clients: those who have experienced accidents and injuries, trauma of all sorts including early/developmental or sexual trauma, people seeking ketamine or other psychedelic integration, those who wish to make a lifestyle change, enhance performance in any part of life, as well as with couples and sex therapy (I am PACT couples therapy trained and currently in certification with the Sexual Health Alliance).

I bring the open, nonjudgmental foundations of my mindfulness-based training, alongside a set of skills that focuses on clients’ own healing and growth processes—rather than fitting a client into an overly simple box. This is not one size fits all 🙂

Brainspotting is the main avenue for my work, and I have seen clients do so much more with this approach than talk therapy. Where you look goes far beyond how we feel!

re: insurance, contact the clinic to discuss, we have multiple options including Medicaid.

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