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Starting very young, at the age of 20, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and following up immediately with a Master of Social Work at the University of Kentucky, I began full time employment as a therapist in 1988. I now have 34 years of experience in the Clinical Social Work field. I work with adults and couples going through difficult times, that they just can’t seem to get a handle on by themselves. I also am in the certification track for Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

Trauma can play a role in people’s presenting issues, without them even knowing. Identifying that and then having the tool of Brainspotting to use in treatment, is a game changer. It has helped many people that sought my assistance for difficult work relationships, couples counseling, and stage of life transitions. It has quite literally blown our socks off.

A comfortable office setting, along with the peaceful, beautiful view of the Park Strip, the sunset and a slice of Cook Inlet provide a perfect environment for you to maximize the effectiveness of this treatment. I think the Alaska Eye Care Center below, sends up good vibes too. I would be grateful to be invited into your life, entrusted with your care and potentially bring you to a new level of you. Thank you for reading my profile. Hope we talk soon.

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