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Jim’s aim as a therapist is to bring compassionate understanding, hope, and positive change to the lives of his clients. He believes that everyone deserves to feel heard and to have a space where they can be their most honest, authentic selves. In therapy, he works to help clients reconnect with themselves, clear blockages, and find creative ways to establish new patterns.

In supporting change, Jim believes that therapy should be targeted and effective, and that with the right tools, many challenges can be resolved sooner than we think. He understands that therapy is not meant to be a life-long engagement, but rather a collaborative process between himself and his clients that creates a foundation for an authentic life.

In his own therapeutic journey, Jim had the opportunity to explore many different kinds of therapies and approaches. Building from this experience, he has carefully developed an integrative practice with therapies that support his clients in creating rapid and lasting change. He believes that you are the expert in your healing process, and he works with you to select the tools and methods that will be most effective in supporting your therapeutic goals. His approach to therapy is centred on you and what you need. He has a compassionate presence, and a fundamental respect for the human person and personal experience.

Jim is trained in Brainspotting, counselling hypnotherapy, and in working with complex trauma. He has been working in mental health since 2013. Currently, he specializes in working with men on issues related to chronic pain and physical injury, post-traumatic and workplace stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

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