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BSP Consultant in Training
Clinical Specialities:
Complex PTSD and Developmental Trauma
Coping with Narcissistic Parents or Intimate Partners
Career Changes or Navigating Oppressive Systems
Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Intergenerational Trauma
Multiheritage, Interracial, LGBTQ+ Relationships (Dating, Polyamory, Premarital, Divorce, etc.)

Psychotherapy for Adult Clients, especially communities dear to my heart:
BIPOC, Multi-racial, Multicultural, and Immigrants
High Achievers (in Tech, Academia, Healthcare, etc.)
LGBTQIA+, Gender Expansive, or Non-Binary
Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, or Neurodiverse

Brainspotting Trainings Completed:
Phases 1-4 & Masterclasses & 2021 Conference
Parts Work (Internal Family Systems, shamanic practices, etc.)
Expansion (Athletes, Artists, & Performance Goals)
Going for the Roots (Developmental Trauma)
Addictive Behaviors (Substances, Eating, etc.)
Clearing Limbic Countertransference
Freeze to Thaw (Body Spotting & Pain Management)
Group BSP (with Art Therapy, Guided Visualizations, etc.)
Spirituality (the Beyond Spot & Non-Duality)

Approaches Integrated with BSP
Internal Family Systems (Parts Work)
Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist
Spiritual Counselor in Buddhism and Shamanism
Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner
Psychodynamic Therapy

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