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Life can be hard. With life’s challenges and demands, it is easy to get drained, tired, overwhelmed and worried. You get so caught up in doing things that the world demands of you that you may forget to tune-in to yourself. Therapy is a space where you can break away from the world, allow yourself to reflect, and explore how and why you’re living your life the way you are. It’s where you can have good days and you can have bad days and both are completely okay and accepted. And, eventually, in that space a transformation can happen.
I am non-pathologizing and accepting of where my clients are in the moment. I take a holistic approach in my work, which means that I focus on the “big picture” rather than one issue or diagnosis. Along with traditional talk therapy, I utilize guided imagery, mindfulness, art and body-based (aka somatic) therapies, like Brainspotting.  I have completed both Phase 1 and Phase 2 trainings in Brainspotting by Lisa Larson, LMFT.  I am continuing to receive the required consultation to earn the formal certification in Brainspotting.
In my work, I utilize methods that help us go deep quickly so that we can heal the root(s) of your issue.  In order to do that, I use a combination of Brainspotting with Coherence Therapy and experiential interventions.
I predominantly work with adults and teens with issues around self esteem, trauma, anxiety, and codependency.  I also have a special interest in working with Highly Sensitive Persons and Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers.
I believe that everyone is capable of transformation. I believe that the reason mental health issues develop is due to unfortunate life experiences that led us to develop behaviors and other mechanisms to cope. I believe everyone is capable of unraveling themselves from their state of suffering to a state where they can live at their fullest potential.

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