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Jennifer A. Herman is a Functional Health Practitioner and the proprietor of Pine Laurel Wellness, based out of the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. She specializes in nutritional therapy, mental health, and quality supplementation for children, adults, and perinatal populations. She is certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Supplement Specialist, and Brainspotting Practitioner. She graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Seattle, Washington, and the Academy of Professional Supplement Certification. She was trained in Brainspotting under Rev. Martha S. Jacobi, Ph.D., LCSW, Brainspotting for children under Salene Souza, Clinical Psychotherapist, and Brainspotting for perinatal populations under Jana Glass, LPC, MAC, PMH-C, BC-TMH. She is also a certified Birthing and Postpartum Doula and is working towards her certification in perinatal mental health from Postpartum Support International.  

She uses Brainspotting, lifestyle, and nutritional therapies to help clients overcome unresolved issues that may lead to emotional eating, food addictions, disordered eating, chronic or unexplained pain, stress, anxiety, anger, depression, trauma processing, and more. 

Due to her own experience with a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, she is newly passionate about women’s mental and physical health postpartum and has created a program, “Homeostasis Now: Perinatal” for women who have experienced pregnancy trauma, fertility difficulties, miscarriage, and or traumatic births.  

She has a keen interest in the gut-brain axis and Nutritional Psychiatry. She is a member of the International Society of Nutritional Psychiatry Research and believes in the Importance of ‘being friends’ with our microbiome.

She enjoys philosophy, research, natural wine, yoga, meditation, live music, hikes, camping (all things nature), laughter, and family. She believes in realistic lifestyles, approachable and attainable goals, food as medicine, and enjoying oneself alongside the journey to feeling great. 

Last but not least, she thrives on helping others achieve their vision of wellness and health.  

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