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Affordable sliding scale treatment available to those in financial need. I treat clients across walks of life with a focus on mindful engagement with emotional life in the body. My adult population is often artists and creatives, as well as those undergoing life transition, such as break-ups and religious system/ family system deconstruction and reconstruction. Dealing with past and ongoing abuse and trauma are often part and parcel of this work. I am an EMDR practitioner and brainspotting (BSP) practitioner. These are trauma and adverse life event centered therapies, for those whose past has them feeling “stuck” in their current lives.
I practice from a mindfulness frame, within a holistic mind/body/spirit understanding. I work in collaboration with clients to develop the habits of self-compassion–a bedrock for resilience from shame–and keystone to personal and professional growth. These habits are the product of specific, portable, and repeatable exercises devised together in session.
I am a practicing writer, actor, and artist, and that creativity informs my work with all clients. I am honored to walk alongside others on their journey toward wholeness. Please feel free to reach out and we can talk so each of us can discern a fit. Even if I am not the right therapist for you, I want to help find you the right next step in your journey.

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