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Looking beyond the adage that hurt people hurt others, I passionately believe that healed people have the power and desire to heal entire communities. As a change agent, I use community artivism to disrupt the cycles of social injustices and challenge individuals and organizations to become love-centered and anti-oppressive. I provide local and national training workshops on the importance of gender-responsiveness and trauma-specific care within the legal system. I facilitate trauma/resiliency workshops in the community that addresses racial, inter-generational, and community trauma. I address head-on the complex intersectionality of adverse childhood experiences, race, and the criminal justice system. I believe that to eradicate the biased myths related to mental health in the Black community, we must first name and understand the pervasive impact of anti-Blackness, recognize its role in therapy, and actively work to dismantle harmful frameworks to replace them with culturally relevant services.

I use my skills as an Art Therapist, Adult-Centered Play Therapist, EMDR Consultant, and Brainspotting Clinician to create spaces that promote healing using a social just lens.

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