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Loss occurs in life in many forms and these experiences can be frightening to go through. Experiencing grief is a natural response to loss, yet it is uniquely experienced by every individual. Traumatic experiences can intensify feelings of loss and grief further complicating emotional management. Trauma occurs when a person goes through something that threatens their safety contributing to the core loss one can experience, which is the loss of self. Losing a connection to oneself due to experiences of trauma and grief can leave a person feeling anxious, depressed, emotionally distraught, lacking self-confidence, and struggling with holistic well-being.

Have you gone through experiences like this? Are you feeling challenged by the impact grief and trauma have had on you?

I specialize in providing therapy to adult women (18+) experiencing grief and low self-confidence caused by traumatic loss of one’s identity. This includes experiencing a loss of self, due to narcissistic abuse, cult/religious/spiritual trauma, traumatic death, divorce or separation, health trauma, and other forms of complex trauma. Some common symptoms that may arise from traumatic loss of self include grief, apathy, fear of abandonment/additional loss, disconnection, isolation, anxiety, loss of purpose/meaning, and emotional distress.     

My work as a therapist focuses on supporting clients in bringing unconscious material into consciousness to support client awareness and empowerment, help them recognise and align with their authentic self, and help heal from past traumas that have contributed to life feeling stagnant.

I prioritize your sense of safety, support, and care in every session and throughout all our communications. As we work together, we join hands to bring forth the power of compassion, acceptance, empathy, understanding, and empowerment in relation to you and your life.

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