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Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or exhausted? As a trauma-informed therapist, I can help you move from living in “fight, flight, or freeze” mode to thriving mode. I strive to create a safe, judgment-free milieu where we can collaborate to meet your individual needs. You deserve to live your life to its fullest and I can help you get there.
I believe a holistic, integrative approach is key. As an experienced therapist trained in evidence-based modalities including EMDR, IFS, and brainspotting, I offer somatic interventions like breathwork and grounding to release trauma from the nervous system. I’ve had success helping clients with trauma, depression, anxiety, abandonment fears, and grief.
You’ve shown your strength, resilience, and courage by seeking therapy! I would be honored to work with you to reach your goals, so please take the step and reach out!

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