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Minnesota Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

South Dakota Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health

Iowa Licensed Mental Health Counselor

National Certified Counselor

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Board Approved Supervisor

Erica is the owner, Clinical Director, and Board Approved Supervisor at Luverne Counseling. Erica graduated in 2012 with Master of Arts degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Counseling from Adler Graduate School. Erica is a somatic psychotherapist who specializes in healing trauma, PTSD, food addictions, nicotine addictions, and anxiety disorders. Erica has completed EMDR certification and is currently working towards certification in Brainspotting. Erica has completed training in Brainspotting Phases One and Two, Brainspotting and Addiction, The Crocodile Set Up, and Expansion Brainspotting. Erica is a member of Body Justice Brainspotting group, Minnesota Brainspotting Consultation Group, South Dakota Brainspotting Consultation Group, and assists at Brainspotting trainings. Erica uses focused mindfulness, compassion, humor, support and has a natural ability to connect with clients to help them feel comfortable. Erica is a wife, mother, and dog mom. Erica is now accepting new clients in person or via telehealth in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

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