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About Me:

I’m Demetria—a devoted mother, a dedicated wife, your unwavering sister, and a passionate psychotherapist. My life is a canvas painted with faith, empathy, and a deep love for the arts, empowering me to foster genuine connections and resilience. As a black woman and mental health professional, I understand the intricate intersection of culture, race, and faith with emotional well-being. Join me on a healing and growth journey.

About My Business:

Free to Flourish Counseling and Consulting, LLC, is a virtual sanctuary where individuals and couples conquer challenges, nurture emotional well-being, and navigate life’s twists with resilience. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and a virtual psychotherapy provider with years of experience. My dedication lies in empowering clients to unlock their potential.

Certified in trauma therapy and Brainspotting, trained in EMDR, Flash Technique, and Gottman methods, I offer evidence-based approaches to tackle anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, and relationship conflicts. These approaches are infused with the artistry of talk therapy to foster healing and growth within you. My commitment is to transform emotional, mental, and relational well-being in the comfort of your home. Contact me today for your consultation.

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