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When thinking about my “ideal” client, I don’t have any specific person or problem that comes to mind. I believe that each person has their own unique life and experiences and that a therapist should be willing to work with them to discover their issues, needs, and goals as the therapeutic relationship is built. Every relationship in life is based on trust, so I would say that I would want my clients to trust me enough to let me in and begin working on their individual selves.
I would like to help clients to work identify what their orphaned parts are and how those developed through trauma while working on how to bring those parts back home. Additionally, assisting with communication issues stemming from an avoidant or ambivalent attachment that developed in childhood.
I have always wanted to help people, ever since I was a child. Although still young, I bring a great depth of knowledge with me to the table that allows me to help clients identify the problem in their lives and guide them to the realizations that bring healing, peace, and calm to their lives.

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