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Are you looking for a therapy experience that feels…different? You may be noticing patterns in your life—things in your relationships, from your past, or in the way you think or feel—that have you feeling stuck. You want to start feeling better day-to-day, but you’d also like to get to the deeper roots behind this. You need somewhere that doesn’t feel stuffy, intimidating, or overly clinical—a place where you can feel comfortable being honest with someone else and (more importantly) with yourself. Because you know there’s more to life than this cycle you feel caught in and you’re ready to discover what that looks like for you.

I specialize in therapy for trauma, anxiety, and couples. My holistic approach means we’ll look at every facet of your well-being as you move toward relief, insight, and growth.

As your therapist, I’m here to offer you perspective, support, and the opportunity to feel truly heard.  Together, we’ll put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. I believe the relationship between therapist and client is one of the most crucial elements for the success of therapy, so it is important to find someone that feels right for your needs. Visit my website to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss and explore your personal needs and goals for therapy.

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