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Please call me Ally! I believe one of the bravest things you can do is begin to understand your own story. Many people see therapy as a one-sided conversation, with little opportunity for interaction or getting to experience each other as real people. I can promise you that I am as real as it gets! I work with you to help you identify your desires and empower you to make those positive changes in your life. I recognize that making the choice to seek help can be difficult, so I use an approach that is compassionate, direct, and non-judgmental to help create an environment where you feel supported in your counseling journey.
Life is too short to surrender to bad relationships, hold grudges, let trauma control us, or be anxious/angry all the time. I work with women & LGBTQIA+ members experiencing concerns including addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, histories of abuse and trauma, existential crises, interpersonal conflicts, borderline personality disorder, and mood disorders. I help you heal through past traumas, manage and regulate your emotions, and gain a better understanding of your story. You deserve to live a life that leaves you excited to wake up every morning.

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