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I am excited that you have decided to begin your Self Care Journey and/or work towards Strengthening your Relationships. Today is the perfect day to take control of your life. It is a great time to heal old wounds of Hurt, Guilt, and Disappointment. Let’s challenge negative thinking patterns, beliefs, and experiences by developing Healthy Coping Skills. I want to help guide you in dissolving past and present pain by promoting hope throughout our therapeutic journey. We can work collaboratively to achieve Mental Wellness, Gratitude, and Peace of Mind.

I have experience working with Adults and Teens. My expertise is in Anxiety, Break Ups, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Marriage, Relationships, Rejection, Grief, Sexual Assault, and Trauma. My unique approach has allowed me to help individuals live a more fulfilling life.

Allow me the opportunity to be the Empathetic, Understanding, and Compassionate person rooting for you. I am inviting you into my calm, grounded and neutral space to discuss any and everything on your mind. Give me a call and together we can start creating the life you desire.

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