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Brainspotting with Relationships: Online-Korea

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!!!! This two-day training will equip you with three innovative setups which will significantly boost your confidence in addressing relational issues with deceased or living individuals. You will learn unique approaches specifically tailored for relational challenges such as conflict, survival guilt, grief/loss (pet loss, included), forgiveness, trust/distrust, attachment, boundary issues, and any unfinished business.

Korean Time (2024)
Aug 2 (Fri)-3 (Sat), 8AM-12PM / 8PM-11PM

Eastern Time (2024)
Aug, 1, 7pm-11pm
Aug 2, 7am-10am / 7pm-11pm
Aug 3, 7am-10pm


August 02, 2024 (All Day)
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