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“The life I had before the brainspotting treatment was a tortured existence where a tape of negative messages played in my head all day. For me, I know I can face anything that comes along because I faced the hell inside my head for 50 years and survived. Today, my spirit feels light, and I feel as though every morning I wake up life is a new adventure. Like everyone, I still have bad days the difference is now is that I know it is only temporary. I no longer have to expend energy controlling my rage, or fighting my fear of being in the world. The only way I can explain the way I feel is that I have become the hub of the wheel. My mind is still, and even if chaos surrounds me, I no longer am sucked in to the whirlwind. Interestingly enough, through all of this I have gained an immense connection to my fellow man that I never felt before.”

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