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My clinical experience as an MSc, MFT, CAC, LISW, EMDR Facilitator and BSP trainer in Israel and Greece, has spanned four continents and four + decades. My work focuses on alleviating PTSD from abuse, wars, mass disasters, terrorism, critical and traumatic events. My specialties include anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, new religious movementissues, cults, ritual abuse with trauma victims, couples, families and clients presenting with depressions, loss, grief and the full range of psychosomatic and dissociative disorders. I headed the Emergency Mental Health Team in the Emek Bet-Shean Valley for many years. As a HAP facilitator and consultant in unfortunate worlds’ natural disasters, I faced several Asian challenges in Humanitarian field work, and facilitating at EMDR trainings in the region.

For 6 years I worked as coordinator for HAP events in Israel. I have given numerous presentations in professional conferences on EMDR, dissociation, cult and ritual abuse and terrorism. The completed book chapter ‘Terrorism is the Ritual Abuse of the Twenty-first Century’ has been published.

Currently I am working on expanding the MTTG genogram material with my colleague, Tessa Prattos, in the International Trauma Center in Athens, Greece. And finalIy, in collaboration with Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, a worldwide functional-medicine provider, I have opened a Trauma Therapy Center in Minneapolis, MN, USA. This center provides the emotional psychological clarity that enables healing as a oneness of mind, and body.

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