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“Welcome! My name is Christie Rios. I am passionate about serving the Lord and encouraging people of all cultural backgrounds to grow into the unique individuals that God created. I am also an LMHC, Certified Trauma Professional, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner, certified minister, and pastor.
In this world you will face troubles of many kinds- you may feel anxious, depressed, consumed in a world of stress, traumatized, exhausted, unsure of how to cope, and may just feel overall lost. Don’t go through these times alone- here at Boundless Hope, I would love the opportunity to walk alongside you in your time of trouble. With an empathetic, compassionate, and straightforward approach given within a safe and nurturing environment, it’s my passion to help guide you on your journey towards complete healing.
I have a long history of working in various clinical settings that have equipped me with counseling skills necessary to help you achieve change. I specialize in treating trauma and PTSD, C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, dissociative symptoms, among others using primarily Brainspotting and trauma-informed techniques. I also specialize in working with young adults and adults undergoing these struggles.
The decision to make a change in your life isn’t easy, but it requires courage and strength. During our work together, my goal is for you to grow into the individual God created you uniquely to be and to help you get on a path of continual hope and transformation. I believe in you and can’t wait to hear from you!”

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