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I do my best work with clients who know, or intuit, that core traumatic experiences which have not been processed and released hold them back from living a more authentic and empowered version of their lives. My approach is simple and truly wholistic. Allow for all parts of the self to be heard, felt and integrated; always honor the wisdom of the body-nervous system-mind-emotions, they often know better than the rational and story-telling mind; when needed, slowdown the narrative to let the emotions and feelings under the words be felt, processed and released; welcome and empower inner and outer resources. They allow us to be more resilient and resourceful, and face our challenges more efficiently. 
The inclusion of Brainspotting to my healing toolbox has tremendously increased the depth of the work, and the healing process. Brainspotting is definitely one of the most powerful modalities I’ve come across in my healing career.  
Now that you are here and ready, take the leap and reach out to a qualified Brainspotting therapist. Give yourself the opportunity to heal at a deeper level and to live more fully, free from what holds you back!  
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